• Our Classroom staff keeps learning & innovating Friday, September 19, 2014

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/CurricDay1web.jpg On Thursday, we held our first Curriculum Group meetings of the school year. It is a late start for students so that our classroom staff can work together on many aspects of classroom learning.

    Licensed Staff, Early Learning Center Educators, and Instructional Administrators met in their assigned curriculum and professional groups such as art, science or math. See photos.

    According to Dr. Jon Voss, Director of Teaching and Learning, this year’s curriculum groups will have 3 parts to their meetings, and the other professional groups will have a 2-part meeting (omitting #1 below):
    1. Professional Learning: Presentation by a Reading specialist on the background and resources for the district’s initiatives in literacy and learning intentions.
    2. Peer Review and Evaluation: Presentation by a Peer Coach on the background and process for peer review this year.
    3. Curriculum improvement: Continuing the work of your group to share resources and collaborate on curriculum or other resource needs through the Curriculum Hub. We will ask that each group review and update their outcomes for the year.

    Our education assistants participated in a workshop presented by Nancy Riestenberg, from the Minnesota Department of Education. She is School Climate Specialist and talked with Education Assistants about the effects of maltreatment on the brain during stages of development. She also identified practices in the classroom; hallway and office that help promote resilience in students.

    Great sessions everyone!

  • Bus Safety art competition winners go to Twins game Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Three North Education Center students received top honors for the 2014 Minnesota School Bus Safety Poster Contest sponsored by the Minnesota Association for Pupil Transportahttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/TWINsGame_web.jpgtion and the Minnesota School Bus Operators Association. Two of the school bus safety poster winners were guests of the Minnesota State Patrol at a Twins game this summer.

    Students Leo (right) and Eric (left) attended the Tigers-Twins match up on August 21 where they met Lieutenant Brian Reu with the Minnesota State Patrol. Their exciting day included walking on the field while their posters were projected on the big screen and their names announced.

    “Be Smart. Be Seen. I Wait In A Safe Place” was this year’s theme for the 173 young artists’ competition. Our students took First, Second and Third in their category. The First Place poster goes on to national competition.

    Certificates were presented to our students by Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski and Transportation Coordinator Amy Tiedens who was instrumental in working with classroom teachers to prepare and submit entries. See posters.

    What a great way to wrap up the summer!

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  • Congratulations Sherry and Sam: Above and Beyond Employees Monday, September 8, 2014

    Sherry (Scharrhttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/Employrecog/Sam_Kast_Sherry_Krause_WEB2.jpgel) Krause and Sam (Sandra) Kast were surprised to be a part of the Back to School event. Sherry and Sam were recognized as August’s Above and Beyond recipients for their work to create a unique Mentor Program for education assistants at the North Education Center.

    Many of the new education assistants that are hired for NEC come to orientation already knowing who their assigned mentor is and Sherry and/or Sam have already connected with them. Sherry (left) and Sam (right) put new staff’s needs first and make sure they feel welcomed and supported from the moment they are hired. That is above and beyond what they are asked to do coordinate as Mentor Leads. The Mentoring Program is their passion and that passion is evident in everything they do to make it such a success at NEC!   (read more)

    Additionally, they have served as a resource to another Mentor Lead in the district this year.  The other Mentor Lead had not experienced as many new hires throughout this school year as she had in previous years. Since Sherry and Sam have much experience with this they were the perfect people to provide support and guidance. Read more about Sherry and Sam.

    Congratulations Sherry and Sam!

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  • Welcome Back Students Tuesday, September 2, 2014

    Classeshttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/welcomebackstudentssec.JPG officially started throughout the district today.https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/SECA_firstday_web.jpg

    Starting at 7:15 a.m. students started arriving with expectations for their new school year. These photos were taken at the South Education Center.

    See video from North Education Center. The title is "Images of the first day back to school at NECA."

    Have a great school year everyone!

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