• WEC Teacher's essay published Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/teachingwithheart_cover.jpgOur own West High School Language Arts Instructor, Hannah Cushing, is featured in the book - Teaching with Heart: Poetry that Speaks to the Courage to Teach (2014). 

    The Center for Courage and Renewal published Teaching with Heart. Educators submitted poems and essays that focus on “How poetry can help to sustain the courage to teach.” A diverse group of ninety educators describe the complex of emotions and experiences of the teaching life – joy, outrage, heartbreak, hope, commitment and dedication. Each heartfelt commentary is paired with a cherished poem selected by the teacher. More than 400 educators submitted essays and poems.

    Hannah submitted her own reflections about the poem - Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye and the intimate interconnectedness of pain and loss with learning to be a kind and empathic person; and how our difficult moments have the capacity to draw us together. Read Hannah's essay.

    “This is a doubly humbling because it reflects both the opportunities I've had to learn from some of the strongest and most resilient kids throughout my career, as well as the honor to be chosen for a Parker Palmer project,” Hannah said recently. “Mr. Palmer’s work is largely responsible for me finding myself in the classroom.”

    Congratulations Hannah!

  • The National Anthem turns 200 Saturday, September 27, 2014

    This weehttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/FLAG.jpgkend marks the 200th anniversary of the writing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Over the years, many debates have surrounded the national anthem including its meaning, its quality and the circumstances under which Francis Scott Key came to write it.

    What we know is that Daniel Stewart, who attends North Education Center, did not leave a dry eye when he sang the Star-Spangled Banner for our Back to School event this fall.  Listen to Daniel again.

    To read more about the history of our nation's anthem, click here.

  • Meet Jonas Sjoberg, September employee Recognition winner Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/Employrecog/Jonas_SandyL_web.jpg Jonas Sjoberg received the Employee Recognition Award this month during Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski's Java report. (see photo at left) He is the Network Building Engineer in our District 287 Information Technology Department.

    The following is his nomination: "Jonas is responsive to the individual needs of all programs across our district, and he goes above and beyond by giving 1000% of himself to ensure that our technology infrastructure is secure and reliable for staff and students. Jonas does a large portion of his work at the least disruptive times for our staff and students, which means that he is often working in the middle of the night and on weekends. Read more.

    Congratulations Jonas!

  • Our Classroom staff keeps learning & innovating Friday, September 19, 2014

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/CurricDay1web.jpg On Thursday, we held our first Curriculum Group meetings of the school year. It is a late start for students so that our classroom staff can work together on many aspects of classroom learning.

    Licensed Staff, Early Learning Center Educators, and Instructional Administrators met in their assigned curriculum and professional groups such as art, science or math. See photos.
    (read more)

    According to Dr. Jon Voss, Director of Teaching and Learning, this year’s curriculum groups will have 3 parts to their meetings, and the other professional groups will have a 2-part meeting (omitting #1 below):
    1. Professional Learning: Presentation by a Reading specialist on the background and resources for the district’s initiatives in literacy and learning intentions.
    2. Peer Review and Evaluation: Presentation by a Peer Coach on the background and process for peer review this year.
    3. Curriculum improvement: Continuing the work of your group to share resources and collaborate on curriculum or other resource needs through the Curriculum Hub. We will ask that each group review and update their outcomes for the year.

    Our education assistants participated in a workshop presented by Nancy Riestenberg, from the Minnesota Department of Education. She is School Climate Specialist and talked with Education Assistants about the effects of maltreatment on the brain during stages of development. She also identified practices in the classroom; hallway and office that help promote resilience in students.

    Great sessions everyone!

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