• Welcome Back highlights are here Saturday, August 30, 2014

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/B2S2014/BS7sm.jpgCheck out the new video featuring the back to school staff events on August 25. 

    This selection of clips is a condensed version of the entire day. If you would like to see the entire session, please contact Lindahttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/video_icon.jpg Rees for a DVD.

    See video.

  • Our staff Welcome Back Photos are posted Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    Click HERE
    to check out the new event photos.

    There are THREE pages of staff photos.

  • Another great welcome back staff day! Monday, August 25, 2014

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/Daniel.jpg All staff events at the North Education Center featured the national anthem sung by student Daniel and improvisation innovation.

    The programs began with Daniel (photo at left) who performed the national anthem followed by standing ovations.

    School Board Chair Ann Bremer and Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski presented the "official Welcome Back" and district news.

    The main event was the Brave New Workshop Creative Outreach Team who used improv to create innovation. Watch for more details later.

    This week we will post more photos from today.

    Welcome Back Staff! Have a great year!

  • Welcome Back Staff! Sunday, August 24, 2014

    clientuploads/2014_2015_NEWS/2014postcardstory.jpgWe are looking forward to seeing staff on Monday. Here is the schedule for the district-events.
    Date: Monday, August 25, 2014
    Location: North Education Center Gym
    Times: Please note building and program times.
    Session 1:
    8:00 AM: Bus pick up at Northwest Tech Center and Edgewood Ed Center
    8:45 AM: Program begins for NWTC, Edgewood, Northland and NEC
    Session 2:
    12:00 PM: Bus pick up at District Service Center, West Ed Center and South Ed Center
    12:45 PM: Program begins for Itinerant and other District Service Center, West Ed Center, South Ed Center, HTC Pathways, Gateway and Care & Treatment
    Questions: Contact your supervisor

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