PhotoStudents learn best when teachers and school staff have a clear picture of what each student knows and is ready to learn next. District 287 uses various assessments to help. Below is important information about these assessments.

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District Test Security Procedure

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Opt Out of State Testing

District 287 administers state-mandated tests to all eligible students. To opt out of these state tests (e.g., Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA) and Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS)), the parent/guardian must complete the form below and return it to the student’s school. Please submit this form to your student’s school no later than January 15 of the academic school year. For students who enroll after a statewide testing window begins, please submit the form within two weeks of enrollment. A new refusal form is required each year parents/guardians wish to opt the student out of state tests.

Student Engagement Instrument (SEI)

The Student Engagement Instrument (SEI) measures how engaged students are in school and learning. We use the SEI in District 287 because research shows it to be a powerful predictor of graduation and success after high school. In addition, the SEI helps to show what improvements we can make in the student’s learning environment to increase their engagement and likelihood of success.

What is the SEI?
The SEI is a 40 question survey that gives students the opportunity to share their perspectives and opinions about school. Students are asked about a variety of topics, including the level of support they receive from teachers, peers, and family, as well as their perceptions of school work and future educational goals.

They survey helps teachers to better understand their students’ perspectives. Individual responses are confidential and only shared with teachers and administrators that work with a student, for the purposes of educational planning and instruction. Students and parents are welcome to request a copy of the results.

How and when is the SEI given?
The survey is group administered - typically on a computer - and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Your school may measure students in grades 3 through 12 and transition programs twice per school year, in order to track how students’ perspectives have changed.

For more information, please contact your school’s administrators.

Academic Assessments

In addition to the typical assessments given in the classroom, students in 287 complete various district-wide academic assessments during the school year. These assessments help teachers understand what would best help students learn, as well as measure how much they have grown. In Reading and Math, students may complete computer-based assessments from NWEA or Fastbridge Learning.  Contact your school's leader for more information.