The list of policies below are the official policies of District 287 and supersede all other versions of the policy.

If you have an idea for a policy that the Intermediate District 287 should consider please complete the Board Consideration of New Policy Request form and provide as much detail as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at (763) 559-3535.

Board Officers & Operations Policies (BOO)

BOO100 Goals

BOO120 Board/Superintendent Relations

BOO140 Compensation Policy

BOO180 Out of State Travel by School Board Members

BOO200 Policy Development, Adoption, Implementation and Review

BOO220 Board Structure & Decision-Making

BOO240 Conflict of Interest

BYLAWS Board Bylaws

Curriculum & Instruction (CI)

CI100 Goals

CI120 System Accountability

CI140 Special Education Services

Data Privacy & Records (DPR)

DPR100 Goals

DPR120 Personnel Data Privacy

DPR140 Student Data Privacy

DPR160 Public Data Request Form

District Administration & Organization (DAO)

DAO100 Goals

DAO120 Intermediate District 287 Organizational Structure

DAO140 Administrator Code of Ethics

Employee Rights & Responsibilities (ERR)

ERR100 Goals

ERR120 Employee Responsibilities

ERR160 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Prospective Employees

ERR180 Publication or Creations of Products or Content

Equity & Nondiscrimination (END)

END120 Harassment & Violence

END140 Equity

END160 Title IX

Facilities Use and Planning (FUP)

FUP100 Goals

FUP140 Student Transportation Safety

FUP160 Health and Safety

FUP180 Visitors to District Facilities

Financial Planning & Operations (FPO)

FPO100 Goals

FPO120 Establishment, Adoption & Modification of District Budget

FP0140 Fund Balance

FPO160 Gifts

FPO180 Investments

FPO200 Sources of Revenue

FPO2030 Procedures for Using Federal Funds

FPO240 Expense Reimbursement Policy

Health & Medical (HM)

HM100 Goals

HM140 Drug-Free Workplace / Drug-Free Schools Policy

HM160 Tobacco-Free Schools

HM180 Wellness

HM200 COVID-19 Face Covering

Student Exemption Form

HM220 Quarantine

Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR)

SRR100 Goals

SRR120 Student Conduct & Discipline

SRR140 Bullying

SRR160 Hazing

SRR180 Weapons

SRR200 Peace Officers and Crisis Teams

Technology & Communications (TC)

TC100 Goals

TC120 Technology Responsible Use and Safety Policy