The list of policies below are the official policies of District 287 and supersede all other versions of the policy.

Board Officers & Operations Policies (BOO)

BOO100 Goals

BOO120 Board/Superintendent Relations

BOO140 Compensation Policy

BOO180 Out of State Travel by School Board Members

BOO200 Policy Development, Adoption, Implementation and Review

BOO220 Board Structure & Decision-Making

BOO240 Conflict of Interest

BYLAWS Board Bylaws

Curriculum & Instruction (CI)

CI100 Goals

CI120 System Accountability

CI140 Special Education Services

Data Privacy & Records (DPR)

DPR100 Goals

DPR120 Personnel Data Privacy

DPR140 Student Data Privacy

DPR160 Right to Access Public Data

Public Data Request Form

District Administration & Organization (DAO)

DAO100 Goals

DAO120 Intermediate District 287 Organizational Structure

DAO140 Administrator Code of Ethics

Employee Rights & Responsibilities (ERR)

ERR100 Goals

ERR120 Employee Responsibilities

ERR160 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Prospective Employees

ERR180 Publication or Creations of Products or Content

Equity & Nondiscrimination (END)

END120 Harassment & Violence

END140 Equity

END160 Title IX

Facilities Use and Planning (FUP)

FUP100 Goals

FUP140 Student Transportation Safety

FUP160 Health and Safety

FUP180 Visitors to District Facilities

Financial Planning & Operations (FPO)

FPO100 Goals

FPO120 Establishment, Adoption & Modification of District Budget

FP0140 Fund Balance

FPO160 Gifts

FPO180 Investments

FPO200 Sources of Revenue

FPO2030 Procedures for Using Federal Funds

FPO240 Expense Reimbursement Policy

Health & Medical (HM)

HM100 Goals

HM140 Drug-Free Workplace / Drug-Free Schools Policy

HM160 Tobacco-Free Schools

HM180 Wellness

HM200 COVID-19 Face Covering

Student Exemption Form

HM220 Quarantine

Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR)

SRR100 Goals

SRR120 Student Conduct & Discipline

SRR140 Bullying

SRR160 Hazing

SRR180 Weapons

SRR200 Peace Officers and Crisis Teams

Technology & Communications (TC)

TC100 Goals

TC120 Technology Responsible Use and Safety Policy