West Suburban Summer School (WSSS) offers classes to students entering grades 2-12 for the fall of the following school year. It serves students who are identified as gifted and talented in our member districts, and non-member school districts (at a slightly higher fee). WSSS instructors have designed enrichment classes in their area of expertise to provide students with unique experiences to challenge their abilities.

2023 Summer Program Information 

WSSS Catalog 2023: (details and links will be added mid-February 2023)

  • WSSS Catalog (PDF) *Last Year’s Summer 2022 Catalog
  • Course Status List
  • Course Request & Change Form
  • Medications Administration Form

Course request and change form: Go here to change an existing enrollment, get added to a waitlist, or request a new course.

Registration site: Go here to register for classes. (registration is now closed, registration will re-open for 2023 mid-February 2023)

Registration instructions: Step-by-step guide to registration.

Weeks of WSSS 2023:

  • June 20-23: (4 day week Tuesday – Friday) 
  • June 26-30  
  • July 10-14
  • July 17-21  
  • July 24-28 

(Sites will be determined at a later date.)

If you are interested in becoming a WSSS Instructor, please contact one of the WSSS team members.


FAQ: Registration Changes for Member and Nonmember Districts

How do I register for West Suburban Summer School?
What is a class request?

Starting on February 16-24 families may enter requests for courses. This will not be official enrollment, nor will it guarantee a spot in the course. Families may enter up to three course requests for each week of West Suburban Summer School.

How do I prioritize requests?

If you request more than one class per week, the system will prompt you to prioritize these requests. If you only select one class within a week, then the system automatically prioritizes your request as a #1 request.

What happens after the classes are requested?

On February 28, enrollments will be assigned to member district families according to an automated random process in the registration system based on their requests and the space available in the class. This will provide more equitable distribution of requests, and avoid the rush to be on the computer at a specific time. Backup requests can also be made in case the first choices are not accepted. On March 8, enrollments will be assigned to nonmember district families.

What are members and non-members?
When are class requests finalized?

Members will be notified of assigned classes March 1. Nonmembers will be notified of assigned classes March 9.

May classes be changed or dropped?

Member district families will have a week from March 1-7 to review their enrollments and consider changes before paying. Nonmember district families will have a week from March 9-15 to review their enrollments and consider changes before paying.

Is it possible to request to be with a friend or sibling?

Families may add the name of a friend or sibling who has an active account with West Suburban Summer School.  Because enrollment assignments are automated, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to match students with a friend or sibling. Knowing there is a preference, however, will allow us to look for potential adjustments in priority once the initial enrollments are assigned. This would be the first step to review the scope of the need, and how we can improve the process in the future. We do not wish to raise hopes, so want to be transparent about the process.

Covid Protocol:
We will follow whatever CDC/District guidelines are in place Summer 2023.

WSSS Refund & Scholarship Information

How many days do I have to pay for a class after enrolling?

We request that classes are paid for within seven days. After 7 days, $100 will be deducted from refunded classes.

If my child gets invited off of a waiting list for another class, may I drop an existing enrollment and be fully refunded?

Yes. We will honor waitlist invitations at any time.

If I am waiting to hear about a sibling or friend being invited off of a waiting list for a class my child is enrolled, what is the deadline for dropping a class without paying a penalty?

We understand that there are concerns about siblings or friends who may be on the waiting list for a class. For this reason, we will extend the period to drop a class without penalty until April 1. After April 1 there will be a $100 deduction in your refund for processing.

Is there a date when I will not be refunded at all for a class?

No refunds will be made except for medical reasons after:

  • May 22, 2023 for June classes
  • June 12, 2023 for July classes
Are scholarships available?


If you are interested in receiving scholarship information, please contact the West Suburban Summer School team.