What superpower do you see?

Sometimes superpowers are invisible… let’s keep our eyes open to try to spot them!

We all have super-sensational powers that help us get through tough stuff and have successes (big and small) every day. We want to hear about them!

We’re asking school staff, parents, caregivers, and especially our students to tell us about the super-sensational things happening with student learning.

  • Know about staff, students, or parents and caregivers doing cool things?
  • Tell about a unique activity being done in a classroom or at home with your student(s)
  • Did you spot something different or amazing (or someone’s superpower) at your school?
  • Want to give a shoutout to someone (a staff member or student) for a super-sensational act?

Tell us about it!

  1. Submit a super-sensational story 
  2. Submit your 1-minute Flipgrid superpower story below. Anyone can login with the guest password: District287