Superpower Spotlight: Rachel (parent)

I wanted to take a minute to express our gratitude and enormous respect for the staff at NEC.

Prior to coming to 287, my son had some teachers and other staff who cared about him, but so rarely could they *teach* him, and unfortunately he had several truly damaging experiences along with routine exclusions, and he had started to see himself as a kid who couldn’t learn and to expect that he would get kicked out, sent away, and devalued.

His and our experience with the staff at NEC has felt at times nothing short of miraculous. As we got to know my son’s teacher and the rest of his team, we were consistently impressed with the competence, professionalism, and love that they all clearly bring to their jobs every day. I know how hard this job is and I’ve never seen a school do it better. We are so grateful.

My son is a beautiful person who sometimes has extremely challenging behaviors. My son’s teacher and her team never shame, and they go above and beyond to help him internalize that tomorrow is a new day, that he is valued, and that he belongs.

He has learned more in his first year at NEC than he did in the three years before he started. That this happened during the pandemic is incredibly impressive.

I believe if he weren’t at NEC, the cycles that were happening between school, home, and the community would have resulted in some kind of residential treatment by now, which is something we want desperately to avoid.

I just wanted you to hear from me as a parent the incredible work your staff at NEC are doing.