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Meet the Director

Melissa Brateng

Meet the Director: Melissa Brateng

Guided by my commitment to student advocacy and educational achievement, I am honored to serve as the Director of Special Education and Itinerant Services at Intermediate District 287. My educational journey spans 16 years, during which I have served as a teacher in special education in addition to administrative leadership roles. My career in the field of education has been marked by a genuine passion for fostering inclusive and empowering learning environments for our students. My experiences as a teacher deeply influenced my leadership style, emphasizing collaboration, empathy, and a commitment to ensuring that every student has access to quality education. What I love about District 287 and the work I do is that we all come together with a shared purpose of supporting students to grow, thrive, and build independence along their educational journey. We put students first and keep them centered in all that we do. 

Special Education and Itinerant Services Department

The Special Education and Itinerant Services Department at District 287 works in collaboration with our 12 member district partners and each of our 287 programs and sites to support students, educators, and caregivers. We assist school leaders in providing guidance and support with all aspects of special education from instructional support to ensuring due process and procedural safeguards. Our team holds a strong commitment and dedication to our students knowing that our work is a part of advocating for students’ rights each and every day.

Special Education Services and Programs at District 287 are provided in collaboration with our 12 member districts. Please contact your local education team if you have any questions about partnership with District 287.