Aftercare and Wellness Fund for SEC Students and Staff

On February 1, the South Education Center experienced an unimaginable tragedy when a shooting on the school sidewalk killed one student and seriously injured another. 

As a trauma-responsive and healing-centered school district, we understand that healing from this tragedy will take time and resources. In the immediate aftermath of the incidents, we were overwhelmed with offers of support and resources, yet we recognize that a long-term aftercare and wellness plan is needed for SEC students and staff. 

As a school district that serves some of the highest-needs students in the state, we know that our school community requires healing efforts beyond traditional therapies. Our students need our staff to be okay in order to better support and meet their needs.

District 287, through GiveMN, is launching an Aftercare and Wellness Fund for SEC Students and Staff. This fundraiser will pay for aftercare and wellness activities for SEC students and staff as they heal from the February shooting:

  • Mental health services with a particular focus on culturally-specific practitioners 
  • Art, music, animal, and nature therapy
  • Alternative therapies such as acupuncture and naturopathy
  • Physical movement activities, like yoga, gentle touch, and massage
  • Paid staff time to dedicate to healing and wellness activities (ex: retreat, paid time before or after school, wellness day, etc.)

Check out the campaign webpage or view the video promo.

How can you help?

Share on social media – share or comment on the District 287 Give to the Max social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Consider donating – if you have the means to support South Education Center students, please donate to the fund.

Since District 287 families have needs beyond what other community resources currently provide, we’re thinking outside the box to get students the support they need. Unlike many other public school districts, we don’t have a dedicated foundation or parent-teacher organization that helps plan and coordinate school fundraising. 

Thank you for your partnership to help spread this opportunity to donate to the SEC school community.