We know that students thrive when they feel connected to the school community and excited about opportunities.

Ann Bremer Education Center provides unique and exciting opportunities for students. If your student attends our school, they may be able to participate in some of the unique opportunities we share below. 


Unique Opportunities

Bremer Bean
The Bremer Bean is a coffee shop right inside our commons and cafeteria area. Students learn how to prepare drinks and manage key aspects of the business like money and customer service.

The Man Up Club
The club is a mentorship program in the Twin Cities for African American male students enrolled in the Ann Bremer Education Center High School Program. This program is designed to improve their lives, their future outlook and goals, develop social and life skills, academic discipline, and provide positive male leadership through role models and mentors.

Through group meetings and a one-on-one personal development approach, they create an atmosphere that encourages young men to recognize the significance of social responsibility, civic pride, and exhibit responsible behavior as they meet life's challenges.

Students learn the elements and principles of art while exploring many different mediums including sculpture, watercolors, tempra, acrylic paintings and pastels (oil and soft). We will also learn about a famous artist each month and do a project associated with the featured artist. I’m so excited and hope you all join me in the art room.

Students participate in a variety of different physical activities that promote teamwork, sportsmanship, fitness, and well-being.

From very low tech (crayons and play-doh) to very high tech (coding, robotics, and 3D printing) students at ABEC participate in hands-on learning and Community Outreach in the Makerspace. Given the opportunity to express creativity and problem solving through individual projects, group activities, ALL school projects, and projects that serve our community (both in and out of school), students learn empathy, self-confidence and relationship building, and maintaining skills (SEL).

Students will study career exploration and other work-related job skills to help guide your decision-making process in finding a career. Some of the career fields include automotive, culinary, construction and many more.