SUN (Students with Unique Needs)

Who is Eligible?

Students ages 5-18, who have significant social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Students are eligible for Special Education, usually qualifying in the areas of Developmental Cognitive Disorder (DCD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and/or Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD). Students must be referred to SUN by their local serving school district.

What does SUN offer?

  • Intensified specialist support staff
  • Low teacher/staff ratios
  • Environment space designed to accommodate unique behavioral/sensory needs.
  • IEP's which are customized and individualized for each student and effective implementation of those individualized plans.
  • An environment of respect, dignity, and belonging for every student.

Program Components

Students participate in developmental and functional academic activities such as reading, math and writing skills as written in their IEP's.

Independent Living
Students work on enhancing their skills in the areas of home living, self-care, leisure/recreation and community participation.

Students age 16 and older are eligible to attend a vocational training program focusing on the development of work habits and work skills.

Focus is on increasing communication and language skills so students have socially appropriate interaction with others.


Students participate in developing appropriate social skills within the context of all learning areas.

Social Learning Profile/Behavior Intervention Plans (B.I.P.)
The Social Learning Profile (SLP) is a functional behavioral assessment and intervention plan that is part of the student's IEP. Each student has an individualized SLP that is developed to support their educational programming as it relates to their behaviors of concern. SUN staff members understand that a student's behavior is often a means of communicating their wants and needs. The focus is on developing interventions and strategies as a way to teach the student more socially independent ways to get their need met. Staff are in tune with early signals of behaviors that may escalate. Our focus is on redirecting the student to use calming and coping strategies. Sometimes despite using the best proactive strategies identified, students still exhibit behaviors that are unsafe. A customized safety plan is included in the SLP that explains the procedures used to keep the students and staff safe. These strategies may include using calming areas or protective holds. All SUN staff receive training in the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) to provide care, welfare, safety and security for all involved. SUN staff receive initial CPI training and participate in a yearly refresher course. All students SLP's are reviewed and revised annually.

If you have any questions about the program please contact:

Tamara "Tammy" Bussman

Meeting Sensory Needs

AT SUN we are able to meet student needs with our Motor Room, Sensory Room, use of bikes, swings and other various supports provided by our occupational therapist. These supports are infused throughout the day.

Focusing on Function

At SUN, there is a focus on functional academics and life skills. Each student is looked at individually and programing is based on his/her needs. Often literacy, math and social skills are built into the students day along with pre-vocational skills and activities of daily living by using a functional approach.

Communicating Their Needs

In SUN, we believe that behavior is a function of communication or as a result of challenges in the student's ability to express his/her needs effectively. We use a variety of methods to assist our students to express themselves. Students may use picture systems, augmentative communication devices, sign language or gesturing to meet their communicative needs.


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