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Procedures: Board Officers & Operations (BOO)

BOO1001 Procedure Development Revision

BOO450 Board Structure and Decision Making

BOO1040 Superintendent Evaluation

Procedures: Community & Visitors (CV)

CV1200 Participation by the Public

CV1312 Public Complaints

CV1210 Visitors to the District

Procedures: Curriculum & Instruction (CI)

CI1020 Advisory Committees

CI1040 Curriculum Development

CI1060 Instruction Beyond the Classroom

CI1080 Reporting Student Progress

CI1100 Request to Conduct Research

CI1120 Seat-Based Attendance Recording and Reporting

Procedures: Data Privacy & Records (DPR)

Procedures: District Administration & Organization (DAO)

DAO160 Intermediate District 287 Organizational Chart
DAO4075 Strikes in Member Districts

Procedures: Employee Rights & Responsibilities (ERR)

ERR1340 Employee Conduct

ERR1420 References

ERR1460 Reimbursement of Costs for Staff Vehicles Damaged by Students

ERR4000 Donation of Leave Procedure

ERR4001 Employee Dependability Procedure & Guidelines

ERR4003 License Status Procedure

ERR4005 Employment Supervision of Relatives Procedure

ERR4006 Employment Background Checks

TC1001    Equipment Management Procedures

ERR5010 Reporting The Maltreatment of Minors and Vulnerable Adults

Procedures: Facilities Use and Planning (FUP)

FUP3020 Emergency Closing & Program Cancellation Procedure

FUP3040 Facility Usage

FUP3050 Employee Expectations in Maximizing Building Safety

Procedures: Financial Planning & Operations (FPO)

FPO1001 Cellular Devices

FPO1010 Handling and Depositing Funds at Program Sites

FPO1120 Student Fundraising

FPO1200 Budget Procedure

FPO1800 Cash & Investments Procedure

FPO2000 District Grant Procedure

FPO2230 Compliance for Tax-Exempt Debt

FPO3012 Donations

FPO3015 Equipment Acquisition & Deletion

FPO3025 Independent Contractor Agreements

FPO3035 Purchasing

FPO3055 Travel

Use of Federal Funds

Procedures: Health & Medical (HM)

HM 120  Blood Borne Pathogen

HM 140  Fragrance-Free Workplace

HM3515 Communicable Diseases


HM3535 Student Injury

HM3575 Administration of Medication

HM4007 Smoke-Free Workplace Procedure

HM4008 Drug-Free Workplace Procedure

Student Accident Report

Procedures: Media/Communications (MC)

MC3010 Copyright

Procedures: Nondiscrimination & Equal Opportunity (NEO)

NEO1000 Service and Therapy Animals

NEO4016 Non Discrimination & Affirmative Action

NEO4017 Complaint

NEO4018 Observance of, and Instruction Relating To, Religious Holidays and Cultural Traditions

Procedures: Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR)

5005 Attendance-Truancy

5020 Police Interview Arrest Procedure

5040 Discipline of Students

5060 Internet Filtering - A New Vision for Promoting Responsible Student Use of Information

5080 Search of District Property, Personal Possessions, and Student’s/Visitor’s Person

Procedures: Technology & Communication (TC)

TC100 Equipment Management Procedures

TC120 Internet Safety Training Procedure

TC140 Communication & Public Relations

TC160 Social Media Procedure - Student

TC180 Social Media Procedure - Staff

TC210 Student BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Procedure

TC220 Staff BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Procedure

Procedures: Violence Prevention (VP)

3570 Staff Notification of Violent Behavior
Intermediate District 287
1820 XENIUM LANE NORTH Plymouth, MN 55441
PH: 763-559-3535

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