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Procedures: Board Officers & Operations (BOO)

BOO1001 Procedure Development Revision

BOO450 Board Structure and Decision Making

BOO1040 Superintendent Evaluation

Procedures: Community & Visitors (CV)

CV1200 Participation by the Public

CV1312 Public Complaints

CV1210 Visitors to the District

Procedures: Curriculum & Instruction (CI)

CI1020 Advisory Committees

CI1040 Curriculum Development

CI1060 Instruction Beyond the Classroom

CI1080 Reporting Student Progress

CI1100 Request to Conduct Research

CI1120 Seat-Based Attendance Recording and Reporting

Procedures: Data Privacy & Records (DPR)

Procedures: District Administration & Organization (DAO)

DAO160 Intermediate District 287 Organizational Chart
DAO4075 Strikes in Member Districts

Procedures: Employee Rights & Responsibilities (ERR)

ERR1340 Employee Conduct

ERR1350 Performance Evaluation Procedure

ERR1360 Employee Discipline

ERR1420 References

ERR 1460 Reimbursement of Costs for Staff Vehicles Damaged by Students

ERR4000 Donation of Leave Procedure

ERR4001 Employee Dependability Procedure & Guidelines

ERR4003 License Status Procedure

ERR4005 Employment Supervision of Relatives Procedure

ERR4006 Employment Background Checks

TC1001 Equipment Management Procedures

ERR5010 Reporting The Maltreatment of Minors and Vulnerable Adults

Procedures: Facilities Use and Planning (FUP)

FUP3020 Emergency Closing & Program Cancellation Procedure

FUP3040 Facility Usage

FUP3050 Employee Expectations in Maximizing Building Safety

Procedures: Financial Planning & Operations (FPO)

FPO1001 Cellular Devices

FPO1010 Handling and Depositing Funds at Program Sites

FPO1120 Student Fundraising

FPO1200 Budget Procedure

FPO1800 Cash & Investments Procedure

FPO2000 District Grant Procedure

FPO2230 Compliance for Tax-Exempt Debt

FPO3012 Donations

FPO3015 Equipment Acquisition & Deletion

FPO3025 Independent Contractor Agreements

FPO3035 Purchasing

FPO3055 Travel

Use of Federal Funds

Procedures: Health & Medical (HM)

HM 120  Blood Borne Pathogen

HM 140  Fragrance-Free Workplace

HM3515 Communicable Diseases


HM3535 Student Injury

HM3575 Administration of Medication

HM4007 Smoke-Free Workplace Procedure

HM4008 Drug-Free Workplace Procedure

Student Accident Report

Procedures: Media/Communications (MC)

MC3010 Copyright

Procedures: Nondiscrimination & Equal Opportunity (NEO)

NEO1000 Service and Therapy Animals

NEO4016 Non Discrimination & Affirmative Action

NEO4017 Complaint

NEO4018 Observance of, and Instruction Relating To, Religious Holidays and Cultural Traditions

Procedures: Student Rights & Responsibilities (SRR)

5005 Attendance-Truancy

5020 Police Interview Arrest Procedure

5040 Discipline of Students

5060 Internet Filtering - A New Vision for Promoting Responsible Student Use of Information

5080 Search of District Property, Personal Possessions, and Student’s/Visitor’s Person

Procedures: Technology & Communication (TC)

TC100 Equipment Management Procedures

TC120 Internet Safety Training Procedure

TC140 Communication & Public Relations

TC160 Social Media Procedure - Student

TC180 Social Media Procedure - Staff

TC210 Student BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Procedure

TC220 Staff BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Procedure

Procedures: Violence Prevention (VP)

3570 Staff Notification of Violent Behavior
Intermediate District 287
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PH: 763-559-3535

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