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College Reading Readiness D/HH
Designed to increase the reading skills of students who plan to attend postsecondary education. Coursework will include instruction and practice in reading comprehension, rate improvement, vocabulary enrichment, critical reading and study strategies.

Literacy for the Real World
Literacy for the Real World is an adult-based literacy course that uses an integrated-skills approach designed for hearing/deaf/hard of hearing students and English learners. The class teaches practical communication using high-interest topics that reinforce the vocabulary and language our students need in their daily lives. Literacy skills taught are vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and oral or signing communication. Students with MAP Reading scores in the range of 160-190 should enroll in Literacy for the Real World I and students with MAP Reading scores in the range of 191-220 should enroll in Literacy for the Real World II.

Computer Literacy
Designed to enhance student’s existing computer skills through a variety of computer program projects tailored to the individual. Students will focus on completing projects using Microsoft Office programs: Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel. This class will also cover appropriate use of email, social networking, internet safety, and organization of emails.

Math Prep
Prepares for math skills needed in career and technical education or employment.
Current Events Students are provided with opportunities to follow and learn about local, national and international news events. Designed for students who are interested in current happenings around the world. Students will learn how to identify the five “W’s”: when, where, what, who and why of news stories. Students will participate in a variety of group discussions, daily assignments, and trivia games. Students will have access to a variety of resources to use for locating information such as newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Post-Secondary Support/Tutoring
This course offers tutoring and liaison support for students interested in or enrolled in career and technical or post-secondary classes. Instruction and guidance is provided in developing post-secondary planning and readiness skills required for success.

DHH Literacy
Students will increase reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary development. They may also work on reading skills needed for other classes or on the job.

Preparing for College Sucess
Designed to prepare students for learning in the post-secondary setting. Students will learn strategies to increase their study skills in the areas of time management, assignment completion, note taking, and reading a college textbook.
Digital Transition Designed to introduce students to the web based learning experience. This course will provide critical skills useful for many settings, including work and other post-secondary opportunities. Students will use various technologies provided by our district including 287’s Google Apps for problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation Skills through Web 2.0 tools.

Preparing for College Success II
This study skills course, a continuation of College Success I, has additional study strategies critical for academic success. Students will learn to increase their study skills in memorization, listening, and test taking.
Exploring Novels Increases literacy through reading, movies, and/or books on tape. Focus is on reading for pleasure while attending to comprehension, making pre-dictions, understanding story plot, character analysis, and vocabulary.

System 44
System 44 is a foundation reading and phonics program designed for older students who need additional phonics skill development. The course includes research-based phonics instruction, motivating and age-appropriate adaptive technology, and the reading of high-interest novels. Hearing students (and select deaf/hard of hearing students) whose MAP Reading scores are below 200 should be evaluated to determine if this class would benefit them.

Grammar for the Real World
Designed for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to build correct English sentences, express their ideas clearly, and write with growing skill and confidence.

Vocabulary for the Real World
Vocabulary for the Real World is an adult-based vocabulary-building course for beginning to intermediate readers and English learners. Learning occurs through the use of interactive software, textbooks, reading passages, and class participation and discussions. Students with MAP Reading scores in the range of 146-213 would benefit from this class.
Keyboarding and Computer Basics for the PC Designed to increase student’s basic computer knowledge, keyboarding skills and words per minute. Introduced to basic Word document program skills, PowerPoint program skills, setting up an email account and Internet safety.

Write Smart
Provides instruction on basic mechanics of writing skills used in everyday life. Emphasis on basic sentence writing skills to single paragraphs and longer writing assignments.
Knowledge of College Provides the information for students in order to make an informed decision about their training and education plans after high school. Students will strengthen their self-advocacy skills by learning how to work with disability services and disability disclosure at the post-secondary setting.

Writing with Novels
Provides instruction on basic writing skills used in everyday life. Students will read novels and increase reading comprehension, organize ideas in a logical order, write a rough draft, and edit/revise independently.

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