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Strategic Plan 2024-2029

A message from the Superintendent

Superintendent Marcy Doud

It is an honor to serve the students, families/caregivers, staff, member districts, and community partners of Intermediate District 287. Since I arrived in 2022, I have been moved by the unwavering support that underpins our collective commitment to excellent student outcomes. Central to our vision is a dedication to providing the best education for our students. I’m thrilled to introduce the 2024-2029 Strategic Plan that will catalyze achieving exceptional student outcomes.

This strategic plan will be a living document that will ensure student voice is always at the center. Acknowledging the rich tapestry of our learners’ diverse needs and the ever-changing nature of education, our goals will continually evolve to ensure a responsive and inclusive learning environment. Embracing the voice of students, families/caregivers, staff, member districts, and community partners, we firmly believe that this strategic plan will move the district forward.

In the spirit of fostering open and transparent communication, we will provide annual updates on the progress of our strategic plan to all of our constituents.

In partnership with our school board, we confidently launch this strategic plan and are excited to see our achievements over the next five years.


In October 2022, Superintendent Marcy Doud started the strategic planning process. Through an extensive engagement process, staff, students, families/caregivers and community partners participated in affirming Intermediate District 287’s mission, developing new values/beliefs and created three themes. The 5-year Strategic Plan will have Focus Groups made up of staff and parents, to help develop goals which will ensure we are able to live out these themes by 2029.

Mission Statement

The mission of Intermediate District 287 is to be the premier provider of innovative specialized services to ensure that each member district can meet the unique learning needs of its students.

Values & Beliefs