Minnesota Paraprofessional Recognition Week

This week, District 287 proudly recognizes our Educational Assistants for all of their contributions to our District and our students.

Governor Tim Walz proclaimed Paraprofessional Recognition Week for January 25-31, 2021. “The support and services provided by paraprofessionals are integral to student achievement, resulting in even better, more effective Minnesota schools,” states the proclamation. I couldn’t agree more.

Thank you to our educational assistants for all they do to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally. They work collaboratively with classroom teachers and other staff to cultivate positive relationships with students and keep them engaged in learning. We value the unconditional care they have when engaging with students and families.

This past year challenged all of us, including our educational assistants – and they rose to the occasion by staying connected with students through some very tough times. They are mentors and tutors who go above and beyond to meet students’ needs and support licensed staff with ever-changing learning plans. The value of our EAs during the pandemic has not gone unnoticed. As I scrolled through Facebook yesterday, the posts about our EAs are heartfelt and meaningful. It’s clear they make a big difference every day.

To our EAs, I’m proud we have some of the state’s best talent right here in District 287. Thank you for choosing District 287 to share your gifts and talents.

Sandy Lewandowski