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Nexus Team

A service extension of Intermediate District 287

The Nexus Team connects with member districts to support general education and special education settings to serve all students in their least restrictive environments. Our mission is to engage in collaborative partnerships with district leaders and staff to provide individualized learning opportunities and resources that target the academic, behavioral, and social emotional learning outcomes of all students with an intentional focus on racial equity and trauma-responsive practices.

Our Process

  • Initial conversation with member district representatives to explore possible areas of collaboration

  • Partner with you in prioritizing areas of focus and clarifying desired outcomes

  • On-site collaboration with member district team to identify strategies and interventions for implementation

Our Intentions

  • Collaborate with identified experts within your district/building to build and support sustainability of initiatives and best practices.

  • Racial Equity, Trauma-Responsive, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices are embedded in all areas

  • Offer embedded professional opportunities for staffing and training across a variety of areas.

Areas of Focus

  • Behavior change and supports

  • Coaching, embedded real-time feedback with staff

  • Classroom management

  • Culturally responsive teaching

  • Enhance the intake and reintegration process

  • Family engagement

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

  • Paraprofessional specialized training

  • Team development

  • Restorative practices