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Weapon Detection Systems

Intermediate District 287 uses Evolv Weapons Detection Systems as an additional layer of safety for our schools. This system also increases the number of people who can pass through a detector at the same time, while being less intrusive. We want to assure you that we will be closely monitoring our entire screening process to evaluate its effectiveness and its impact on those entering our buildings, meanwhile trying to keep as many weapons out of our schools as possible. 

Weapon/Metal Detection system designed to screen all persons entering a District 287 facility for any possible concealed weapons on their person or belongings. Any potential weapon identified by the system is captured by a video clip of the specific person concealing the possible weapon and the location of the possible weapon.

Visitor Check-In Process

We take a photo of each guest during their first visit along with scanning their photo ID so it can be saved into the system. (Future visits by the same guest will only require showing a photo-id to check them in and print out a badge.) We then print out a stick-on visitor name badge. Our staff will still welcome guests to our schools and provide any assistance with the new sign-in system. After checking in the guest then will begin the screening process, including weapons detection (aka. metal detectors) and/or searching of personal items.

All visitors are required to sign in during school hours. This requires checking a photo ID and printing a visitor badge. The RAPTOR system checks in all visitors and screens their identity through a national sex offender registry, and any individuals that are banned from District 287 premises.

Who needs to sign in? 

All visitors should sign in during school hours, whether you’re attending a meeting or an event or just dropping by for a short visit. We ask that all visitors sign-in through the new system, including parents, community members, member district staff members, contractors who are assigned to/authorized to be in the building, staff who are not assigned to the building, and all other visitors. 

Who doesn’t need to sign in? 

Enrolled students and staff assigned to that building. All work badges must be easily visible throughout the workday.