E-learning Day will replace Inclement Weather Days

District 287 has a new plan for “e-learning days” should we need to close due to inclement weather or a problem with the building (such as burst pipes). District 287 will use e-learning days beginning the 2020-2021 school year as needed.

E-learning days will allow students to learn from home during unsafe weather conditions, like extreme cold or a dangerous blizzard. Especially now that we have issued devices and Internet hotspots to every student who needs them, e-learning days are an ideal approach for student learning. E-learning days will be similar to what staff and students experience during distance learning; however, e-learning days have a specific purpose of replacing a no school day due to inclement weather or building conditions.

Student E-learning Day Policies and Expectations

We will deliver the announcement for students to remain at home via our mass notification system. An announcement of an e-learning day does not mean there is no school. We expect that students demonstrate learning and complete coursework from home.

If a student follows the below coursework instructions, they will receive attendance credit for the day. If a student does not perform schoolwork, on or offline, they will be considered absent.

  • If a student has access to the Internet: Log on to Moodle or their Google account and identify new coursework or coursework that has not been completed. Be sure to submit work to the instructor through Moodle’s submission box or your instructor’s email.
  • If a student does not have access to the Internet, we will ask families to contact the school’s main office to let them know what they will be working on from home and use printed materials to complete work. The office will relay any questions to teachers if the student doesn’t know what to work on. Families can also use educators’ Google Voice numbers, which are available on Moodle pages. If the office staff does not answer the phone, we ask that they leave a message with the student’s name and what they plan to work on from home during the e-learning day. 

Under this e-learning plan, District 287 will not need to make up any school days in the spring as we typically would need to do. Should we announce an e-learning day, we will communicate to families via email, voice message, and text message. Be sure to sign up for text messages by calling your school office.