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Supporting Students: Racial Justice

Many in our community feel fear, rage, pain, grief, anger, sadness, disgust, numbness, despair, and many other emotions related to racial violence. The events to come in ...Read more

Google Meet Updates

English: Google Meet Updates Español/Spanish: Actualizaciones de Google Meet Soomaali/Somali: Cusbooneysiinta Google Default Camera Setting for Students: Google has pr ...Read more

Virtual meeting image

Spring Virtual Events

English: Spring Virtual Events Español/Spanish: Eventos virtuales de primavera Soomaali/Somali: Dhacdooyinka xilliga gu'ga Intermediate School District 287 has several on ...Read more

2021-2022 Calendar

English: 2021-2022 school year calendar Español/Spanish: Calendario del año escolar 2021-2022 Soomaali/Somali: 2021-2022 kaalandarka sanad dugsiyeedka The 2021-2022 scho ...Read more

School Board News and Info

Staying up-to-date with news from the latest school board meetings is easy. Here are details on how: When do board meetings take place? On designated Thursday eve ...Read more

Spring Break Travel Reminder

We understand that spring break is a time when some staff and families participate in local, domestic, or international travel. Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed travel p ...Read more