The mission of Intermediate District 287 is to be the premier provider of innovative specialized services to ensure that each member district can meet the unique learning needs of its students.

Core values

We Believe That…

  • Each person has intrinsic value.
  • Each person has the capacity to contribute to society.
  • When people with varying perspectives collaborate, the impossible becomes possible.
  • Learning unlocks human potential.
  • Integrity is essential for sustaining effective relationships.
  • Respect for each person and the diversity of ideas enriches the individual and strengthens society.
  • Responsiveness and innovation are key to thriving in a changing world.
  • Each person performs best when engaged, connected, and supported.


2015-2020 Strategic Plan

The 2015-2020 strategic plan transforms our organization and inspires students to soar to new levels. Our strategies focus on:

  • Student Outcomes
  • Racial Equity and Excellence in Services
  • Communications and Understanding
  • Measurement