The mission of Intermediate District 287 is to be the premier provider of innovative specialized services to ensure that each member district can meet the unique learning needs of its students.

Core values

We Believe That…

  • Each person has intrinsic value.
  • Each person has the capacity to contribute to society.
  • When people with varying perspectives collaborate, the impossible becomes possible.
  • Learning unlocks human potential.
  • Integrity is essential for sustaining effective relationships.
  • Respect for each person and the diversity of ideas enriches the individual and strengthens society.
  • Responsiveness and innovation are key to thriving in a changing world.
  • Each person performs best when engaged, connected, and supported.


2015-2020 Strategic Plan

The 2015-2020 strategic plan transforms our organization and inspires students to soar to new levels. Our strategies focus on:

  • Student Outcomes
  • Racial Equity and Excellence in Services
  • Communications and Understanding
  • Measurement
Becoming a Trauma-Sensitive Organization

As a school district, we are on a journey to becoming a trauma-sensitive organization. We are already doing many things as part of our day-to-day work to support students who have experienced trauma, things like Social Emotional Learning, Positive Behavior Supports, and Restorative Justice practices.

We’ve also taken key actions to ensure our schools are safe and responsive to the needs of students who have experienced trauma.

Therapeutic Teaching Classrooms - In 2018 we partnered with the Amherst H. Wilder Foundation to launch the Therapeutic Teaching Model, an integrated educational and therapeutic approach for students who have experienced severe trauma - where a teacher and clinical therapist work together in the classroom on the therapeutic needs and learning needs of students.

Professional Development - Training for staff in trauma, crisis, de-escalation, etc. Even though we have one of the most challenging populations of students, intermediate school districts don’t receive PD funding like other public schools.

District Mobile Response Team - A team of four licensed mental health professionals that work to prevent and respond to significant crises each day across the district. They respond to over 300 critical incidents each school year.

Student Safety Coaches Model - We replaced School Resource Officers with Student Safety Coaches who are focused on building relationships with students and addressing behavior before it escalates to needing police intervention. Incidents with police involvement decreased by half within two years and schools report fewer arrests, citations, and suspensions.

Employee Well-being - At times staff can experience an injury or things like compassion fatigue and burnout. We offer up to six free counseling sessions for employees and their families on key issues, including race-related trauma. Our mobile response team provides reflective consultation and support after a staff injury or critical incident.