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  • NEC Students learn about adverbs through motion Wednesday, December 11, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/msab_logo_color_small.gifA year-long collaboration is underway with Perrin Boyd, a theater artist who utilizes her Masters of Arts in Teaching and her experience as a clown with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, to provide quality educational experiences to students at North Education Center. 

    This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund; and by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. (read more)

    The students in Sandi Shetka’s class spent one week learning about poetry. Perrin led students through exercises of creating similes, metaphors, rhyming words, and adverbs, all kinesthetically….while having fun.

    Boyd deschttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Perrin_Boyd_small.jpgribed the activities to us.

    “Using movement creates a new pathway of learning. Perrin said. “Students who may not be able to name an adverb suddenly experience the word and can remember it.” Click here to Watch Perrin working with the students as they experience the kinesthetic learning.

    The overall goal of the grant is to interweave theater arts with social-emotional learning, literature, and science.  See the June 13 web story about phase one of the Arts grant to District 287 when students experienced “Emotional Expression and Connection through Clowning-Performance Art”.

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  • Lea Dahl named distinguished Alumni by U of M Friday, December 6, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/LeaDahl_u_MN3.jpg During formal ceremonies, Lea Dahl was presented the College of Education and Human Development Distinguished Alumni Award by Dean Dr. Jean K. Quam. (click on photo) Lea is Area Learning Center, Operations Principal.

    Lea is a familiar alumni at the University of Minnesota (UMN) where she is a member of the University Women’s Philanthropic Leadership Circle. Lea earned both her B.S. and M.Ed in Education from the UMN.  Additionally, she earned her K-12 Principal’s license from St. Mary’s University.  Lea participated in the National Institute for Educational Leadership and is an Education Policy Fellow at the UMN. (read more)

    During her 26 year career at District 287, Lea has held a variety of positions: teacher, program facilitator, administrative intern and administrator. Always central to her career has been her desire to help at-risk learners. This life-long dedication was recognized by the College of Education and Human Development when they honored Lea as a Distinguished Alumni.

    Congratulations Lea!

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  • Meet Cindy Brose, Employee Recognition Recipient Monday, December 2, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/CindyBrose_missSandy_small.jpg Cindy Brose is a Para Professional in the SUN Program at Edgewood Education Center. She was nominated by co-workers in November for her excellent work in the SUN Program and around the Edgewood building.

    Here is Cindy's nomination:
    Cindy has been part of a team of Educators providing services to some of our most challenging students for many years!  She possesses a set of qualities that students respond to and enable students to make remarkable growth in the time they are with her.   read more

  • New Instructional Coaches Provide Support Friday, November 22, 2013

    A group of 14 sthttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Literacy_Curr_groupsmall.jpgaff are taking on the challenge of being Instructional Coaches for the district. These staff are helping design a system of peer review that will be part of next year’s licensed staff evaluation process. They also are leading the curriculum groups (see photos at left) for their respective areas and are available to assist staff with curriculum and instruction questions. They can provide access to district curriculum and other instructional resources as well as answer questions and help problem-solve.  (read more)

    Instructional coaches are the district’s newest addition to a system of instructional supports that also includes reading specialists and social emotional learning (SEL) coordinators. While our new Instructional Coaches each have only a small part of their day assigned to coaching, they are eager to get to know staff in their area and excited to help share ideas and make connections.

     The roster of instructional coaches is:
    • Care and Treatment Hospclientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/LeaDahlCurriculumgroupsmall.jpgital Programs: Cindy Shelton
    • Elementary/Functional: Teresa Cosgrove, Carrie Agre
    • English/Language Arts: Beth Kowsk
    • Itinerant Related Services: Kelly Bedekan
    • Itinerant Direct Services: Lynn Bathke
    • Math: Mary Peters
    • Social Studies: Sarah Christopherson
    • Science: Megan Bugge
    • Transition: Anne Keeffe, Scott Wright, Beth Gray
    • Work Experience and Career Tech: Tod Hoaby
    • World Language: Lynn Fiscus

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  • The Bus was full this morning Tuesday, November 19, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/GOBHTCBUS_small.jpg The annual School Board Get-on-the-Bus event was expanded today to include 20 guests from Member Districts, Hennepin County and non-profits. The tour stops included a visit to each of three ALC program models: the new Hennepin Gateway to College (GtC), North Education Center Alternative (NECA) and West Alternative Learning Center (W-ALT).   (read more)

    If you haven’t been a part of the Get-on-the-Bus tours, here is how it works: During the bus ride, participants are given descriptions of the programs they will see at the next stop. Today, folks talked with Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski anhttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/GOB1WALT.jpgd District 287 School Board during the bus ride. When it came time for the stops at the programs, the group heard from students who presented their programs, and answered most of the questions.

    “I am really impressed with the students who are speaking to our group,” Sandy said as they toured W-ALT.

    When they talked with guests, some students reported that “flexibility” has helped them achieve their goals. In contrast, a “structured environment” was credited by other students who really need that environment in order to graduate and go on to college. Going to the University of Minnesota was a goal mentioned by several students.

     “I believe these students have found the right fit for their chosen education setting,” Sandy said. “These students are taking ownership in their work, and their futures.”

    Additional information has been requested by several on the bus including: blending online curriculum with classroom instruction; how to eliminate the transportation barrier; attendance; and funding.

    Plans are already in the works for another Get-on-the-Bus event that will include guests from outside of our district.

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  • Science, technology, engineering and math: STEM Programs Continue Wednesday, November 13, 2013

    clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Stemstorysmall.jpgSTORY UPDATE: 11/12/13
    The training for teachers provided through the Region 11 Math and Science Teacher Partnership is getting credit for the increased success of math students in our area.The Star Tribune published an article about the state’s increased math scores.

    The five year project summary shows participation of Region 11 districts in various training topics over the life of the project. It's clear that a statewide focus on professional development in math and science for the past five years has paid off for Minnesota students.

    Emily A. Larsen, Ed.D, K-12 Math Specialist in South Washington County Schools took a moment to share her praise of the MSTP training in a message to Project Director, Cindy Stevenson.  She stated, “The most recent mathematics training on Mathematical Reasoning with Rational Number has given our teachers the tools to understand student thinking and has provided research based materials for use in the classroom. By the end of this year, we will have had 7 of our 15 elementary schools participate. This is over 2000 students impacted each year. Our student's mathematics work has been enriched from this opportunity. We are seeing continued improvement of our mathematics achievement and I believe that this work plays a role in that growth.”

    Posted 11/13/13
    The Grants and Research Office (GRO), collaboration between District 287 and Northeast Metro 916, is continuing to work with higher education partners to provide professional development in the STEM areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. (read more)

    The Region 11 Math and Science Teacher Partnership (MSTP) is beginning its sixth year of teacher training in math and science. During the past five years more than 1900 teachers from 297 schools have received in-depth content training in algebra, rational numbers, number sense, physical science, life science, and STEM integration. Supporting partners in MSTP include Intermediate District 287, Northeast Metro 916, MetroECSU, University of Minnesota, Hamline University, and Normandale Community College.

    EngrTEAMS: Engineering to Transform the Education of Analysis, Mathematics, and Science is an $8 million, five-year grant from the National Science Foundation to increase science and math learning through engineering for students in fourth through eighth grades.  Each project year, fifty teachers from grades 4-8 work with content experts to create high-quality curriculum units that use engineering to teach science concepts. After the curriculum units go through an extensive design research cycle to ensure quality, they are submitted to www.TeachEngineering.org, an online peer-reviewed digital library, for use across the United States and beyond. As a partner with the University of MN STEM Center, District 287 provides project oversight and technical assistance.The project started in January, 2013 and will run through December, 2017.Comments from teachers who were asked if they'd like to continue with the EngrTEAMS training again next summer:
    • A resounding "YES" I would like you to hold a spot for me as a continuing EngrTEAMS Teacher Fellow! The members of the project team are dedicated, talented, accessible and knowledgeable.
    • I am absolutely interested in continuing with the training next summer. Last summer's training prepared me so well I am implementing a brand-new engineering design project this week. 
    • I am definitely interested in participating in the program again next summer. I thought it was very valuable and learned a lot about engineering and curriculum writing.

    Congratulations STEM Team!

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  • Japan Dignitaries Visit Classes Monday, November 4, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Japanpresentationweb.jpg On Friday, officials from the Japan Consulate described their visit to the Edina High School class as informative. They came to Edina to present the $18,000 grant that will sustain the entry level classes of Japanese language and cultural. (Click on photo)

    As he toured Japan 3 class, Consul General Masaharu Yoshida spoke with students and their teacher, Naomi Satoh. “I was enlightened and honored by the progress in the classroom,” Consul Yoskida said during the grant presentation. “You are pleasant students and I encourage you to continue studying our culture.” (read more)

    Also presented during the brief ceremony was the addition of curriculum and additional access to online curriculum. Students were excited to see the new materials.

    “I want to be sure we build an alliance with you as students for the future,” Consul Yoshida told the students. “Please come to Japan and study it by living it and attending college programs.”

    District 287’s Dr. Jon Voss worked with Edina High School to apply for the grant that will maintain the Japan 1 class through the World Language Program with District 287’s teacher, Naomi Satoh. (See earlier story.)

    “Edina High School prides itself for providing students a world view,” said Principal Dr. W. Bruce Locklear. “Thank you for helping us to maintain our student goals.”

    Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Dr. Locklear and Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski.

    “Thank you all for understanding the importance of cooperation,” Supt. Lewandowski said. “This is an example of District 287 working with Edina Schools to bring in the Consulate as a partner.”

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  • Is there news? What is going on? Friday, October 25, 2013

    clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/school_design_screen.jpg Have you ever wondered what other programs are doing? Do you know the strategic initiatives of long-term planning? Where is the innovation forum? Did you hear one of our students was on television?

    The days of our school year go by quickly and sometimes we forget there are other classrooms, programs and activities. So, we’ve put together a list of some resources to check out.

    When you have a moment, we invite you to bookmark district news sources. You will find this information changes daily or weekly. In the case of a school closing such as a snow day, the information changes hourly. (read more)

  • District 287 featured on KMOJ Tuesday, October 22, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Char_Tonya_KMOJ_small.jpg Director on Special Assignment, Dr. Char Myklebust and
    NECA Principal, Tonya Allen, spent the early morning hours
    with Lisa Moynd and Shed G on KMOJ Radio (89.9 FM).
    Click on photo at left. 
    read more

    During the MOYNING Show, Char and Tonya fielded questions and provided resources while talking about the three ALC models that are available at District 287. This information included Hennepin Gateway to College; North and South Alternative Learning Centers (NECA and SECA); and West Education Center (W-ALT).

    Tonya, who has been on staff at SECA and NECA, talked about the students we serve with programs and services that match their unique learning needs. She highlighted the licensed on-site daycare programs, or Early Learning Centers, that support pregnant and parenting teens as they reach their goal of getting their high school diploma.

    According to KMOJ online content, the show is formatted to be uplifting and informative. Hosts Shed and Lisa were energetic and eager to engage in conversation with their guests. Thank you Char and Tonya for getting up early to spend time at KMOJ.

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  • It may be off to college for SECA! Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/AVIDgroupIndoorssmall.jpg Twenty-nine South Education Center Alternative (SECA) students, including 11 AVID students, attended the National College Fair held in Minneapolis on September 26th. More than 350 colleges and universities sent representatives who were available to work with students. Also part of the day were workshops with topics such as obtaining financial aid, writing application essays, and comparing college options. (read more)

    Melissa Winship accompanied the students. She is the SECA School Counselor.

    “This was the first time SECA has attended this college fair, but it definitely won’t be the last,” Melissa said when they returned. “Many of our students are only familiar with the colleges close to their homes. The National College Fair gave them the opportunity to explore all that’s out there for them.”

    Kim Blatcher is in 11th grade and used the opportunity to explore.

    "The main thing that I liked about the college fair was having the opportunity to talk with the people from the colleges,” Kim said. “They gave me information about what the college is like, and all the things that I could do there.”

    Also with the group was Senior Steve Hendrickson.

    “I really liked that there were so many colleges there from all over,” Steve said. “The school I liked the best was in Manitoba, Canada. They have a really good music program, which is what I plan to study. I never would have found that school on my own.”

    The experience was especially important for the 11 AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) students. The AVID students are a select college bound group that attends a regularly scheduled elective class, during their SECA day. They work toward preparation for college, based on writing as a tool of learning, the inquiry method, and collaborative grouping.

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  • Curriculum in a Post-Textbook World Friday, October 11, 2013

    Curriculum in a Post-Textboohttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/MnPartnershiplogo.jpgk World was the title of the presentation by Dr. Jane Holmberg, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning and Dr. Jonathon Voss, Principal for Academic Programs delivered at the annual Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) this week. (read more)

    More than 30 districts in Minnesota already are collaborating to establish a full digital curriculum for grades 3-12 in the core content areas by September 1, 2015. The vision of the Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum is to include all Minnesota districts so that for less than $1 per student, all participants will be able to stop spending millions on textbooks or vendor-created content and produce high quality courses that everyone owns, shares, and can update easily with new information.

    “Superintendents who attended the session shared their positive experiences about using the curriculum content in their districts. And, they expressed gratitude for the work of the collaborative,” Dr. Holmberg said when they returned from the conference held in Duluth.

    Districts are declaring their vendor and publisher independence while leveraging the instructional power of Open Educational Resources on the web. Key processes have led to early successes in collaborating and developing courses. Attendees were shown how to gain access to existing courses and resources, and discussed the future of open education resources in the state and beyond.

    Both Dr. Holmberg and Dr. Voss have provided leadership since the inception of this initiative. To learn more about the Collaborative Curriculum, go to these links:

    One page Summary       Organizational Plan        Collaborative Curriculum Website

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  • HOPE is Everywhere this week Tuesday, October 8, 2013

    The weekclientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/ChristinaHouck_web.jpg of October 7-11, 2013 is kick-off week for Be the Change and will build on events held last spring.

    “We are focusing this year’s theme and activities on the concepts of Hope. This theme aligns with the Superintendent’s message that was communicated to all staff at the Welcome Back Staff event in August,” said Christina Houck, Assistant Director Mental Health and Partnerships. (left)   (read more)

    The Be The Change committee planned events and will again partner with Adam Arnold and his colleagues at Blank Slate Theatre. They are providing role-play, art and movement exercises to address the aforementioned themes. Members of the committee are helping staff tailor the curriculum to student needs.

    According to Houck, the week of October 7th was chosen because it is National Anti-Bullying week.

    “We intend to use this week’s events as a springboard to a series of additional experiences over the course of the school year to reinforce our message,” Houck said Monday.

    Linda Oberg, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator at South Education Center, invited staff and students to talk about what “HOPE” meant to them. See video.

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  • SECA Student Leadership noted by School Board Sunday, October 6, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/SECA_Student_Panel_web.jpg South Education Center Alternative (SECA) students were recognized for their leadership as a result of their participation on a student panel. The event was facilitated by principal, Jayne N. Tiedemann.

    Each year our School Board members participate in the Get-on-the Bus Tour. They all get on a yellow school bus and tour sites and programs. On the first tour this year, they stopped at the South Education Center. Board Members who "Got on the Bus" include: Robert (Bob) Quam, Regina Neville, Carter Peterson, Michèle Kunz and Carol Bomben. (read more)

    The panel of students compared and contrasted the high school experience at SECA versus other high schools they have attended. They each shared some obstacles to getting a diploma and identified services that have helped them achieve goals. Students then responded to specific questions posed by the superintendent and five board members. 

    During the Board meeting on September 26, Board Members signed certificates of leadership for the panel members. (see certificate) They also shared their experiences with those Board Members who were unable to attend.

    “This program is flexible, it is inclusive, and it's meeting students where they are,” said Regina Neville, Board Member who represents Edina School District. "We’re moving away from a system of discipline, to a system of meeting what students’ needs are."

    Student panel members include:
    Ellen Benson, Jazmin Venegas Garcia, Michael Chase, Bethany Schreiner, Anthony Astwood, Sintia Rubi Carranza, Austin Hedges
    Not included in the photo: Crystal Lopez Medrano, Yosmeirys Abreu Morillo, Guadalupe Estrada Martinez

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  • It is time to Energize! Friday, October 4, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/News_2011_2012/energizelogoonlinesmall.jpgThe 2nd Annual Health and Wellbeing Program began on October 1. The program is powered by HealthPartners. It is a voluntary, incentive based program that includes all active employees at District 287. Multiple informational sessions are being held throughout the district including two scheduled for this afternoon. See dates/times.    (read more)

    According to Michelle Axell, Special Projects Manager, "The informational sessions have been well received so far! We are looking forward to exceeding the 40% participation rate from last year."

    Participants who complete all components of the Health and Wellbeing program will earn a $30 HealthPartners reward card.

    Stephanie Klingelhutz, Human Resource Benefits Specialist, said, "The Health & Wellbeing experience now offers five different programs for participants to choose from to earn the incentive gift reward. The program offerings include individual, site specific, and district wide challenges."

    Click on the 287 Energize webpage to learn more about the experience. If you have questions, check out the FAQ.

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  • Gateway Opens Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    Education ofhttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/GtC_rep_web.jpgficials gathered this morning for the Grand Opening of Hennepin Technical Gateway to College (GtC) program at the Hennepin Technical College in Brooklyn Park. 

    GtC is a partnership of Intermediate District 287 and Hennepin Technical College and is funded in part by the Gates Foundation. (GtC) is a specialized Area Learning Center program offering dual college and high school credit and providing additional supports so that students at risk of dropping out of high school can actually start the process of acquiring a post-secondary degree. Meet some of our students.
    (read more)

    Duringclientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/GtCtourgroupweb.jpg the event, education leaders from the Minnesota Department of Education, GtC National office, HTC and District 287 greeted more than 60 educators. See program. The celebration also included tours of GtC learning labs and classrooms; and interviews with Channel 12 News and Sun Newspapers. Watch for the news reports!

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  • ROWE Success Continues at District 287 Sunday, September 29, 2013

    Intermediate District 287 is committed to producing results for our members. The District’s Strategic Plan has created the need for a shift in the way we meet customer needs. We need to focus on:
    • Results more thanhttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/ROWE/ROWELOGO.jpg activities;
    • What gets done more than time doing it;
    • Learning rather than teaching; and
    • What needs to be accomplished rather than the specifics of where and when activity is done.
    (read more)

    In 2012-13 more than 150 staff members experienced a focus on results in their work. ROWE helped staff transform this approach to their work. During the next several years we will broaden the groups of employees who will be involved with ROWE. Future expansion of employees in ROWE will depend upon the extent to which we are able to demonstrate each new group’s focus on and achievement of results. Our intent is to continue to find ways to support groups who already are in ROWE refine and document results.

    The steering committee, made up of Strategic Plan Strategy Two members, is formulating a plan for future expansion. This committee also is looking into:
    • internal capacity for training,
    • coaching for writing results,
    • support for those in ROWE, and
    • uniform collection of data as evidence of achievement of results.

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  • District 287 Spreads world languages across the state Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    District 287 offers six world languages from itinerant teachers that go to multiple schools, or online. American Sign Language, Chinese and Japanese are taught through sending native language teachers into schools. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic are offered through Northern Star Online with Interactive TV (ITV) included.
    (read more)

    Accordinhttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Dr_Jonathon_Voss_name.jpgg to Dr. Jon Voss, Academic Program Supervisor for District 287, there are about 200 students enrolled in Chinese this year. Students from Westonka, Orono, and Waconia are taught by an itinerant teacher, while Milaca, Hutchinson, Montevideo, New London-Spicer, Yellow Medicine East, Kenyon-Wanamingo, Zumbrota-Mazeppa receive instruction by ITV.

    Eden Prairie has about 150 students enrolled in American Sign Language (ASL) taught by an itinerant ASL instructor.

    We also are piloting a German Advanced Studies course in Northern Star Online (NSO) this year. The course is for students who have gone through the German Immersion School and are looking for continuing studies.

    Japanese has the most students enrolled this year in Edina, Robbinsdale Armstrong, Shakopee with an itinerant teacher; Cambridge-Isanti students receive instruction by ITV.

    Edina High School (EHS) recently received a grant from the Japan Foundation to retain Japanese language instruction for EHS students. The $16,000 grant covers the cost of a Japanese language teacher, allowing EHS to continue its introductory level language class. Dr. Voss took the lead in pursuing the grant for EHS.

    “As a district, we work with our member districts to provide quality education and programs for students,” said Voss. “We have been researching specific cases where certain classes and programs need to get started or maintain their status and Edina’s situation with its Japanese class was at the top of the list.”https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Japan_Foundation_logo.gif

    Japanese instructor Naomi Satoh is very appreciative of the grant and the ability to continue teaching students about the language and culture of Japan.

    “I am very happy about the grant and also to be able to welcome another group of bright and enthusiastic Japanese 1 students this year,” said Satoh.

    On November 1 the Japanese Consul will visit Edina High School to formally award a grant and present a check to Edina High School from the Japan Foundation to retain Japanese language instruction for EHS students. The $16,000 grant covers the cost of a Japanese language teacher, allowing EHS to continue its introductory level.

    “The reality was that with increased class sizes and annual budget challenges, there was a real possibility that we weren’t going to be able to offer the introductory class in Japanese instruction to our students anymore,” said Assistant Principal for EHS Eric Nelson. “Each course in a modern language needs to meet a minimum enrollment in order to sustain the cost of providing the class.”

    For students like Myles Murphy, a sophomore at EHS, that would not have aligned with his future plans.

    “I’ve always been interested in the Japanese culture,” said Murphy. “By the end of high school I hope to be fluent in Japanese and be able to hold an entire conversation with someone.”

    Many students, including Murphy, have taken a liking to the class and have encouraged their friends to fill a few open seats. In addition to having a lot of fun learning the language and immersing himself in the culture, Murphy said his future career plans hinge on the ability to take this introductory class.

    “I want to become a Japanese translator,” said Murphy. “I’ve heard there is a high demand for Japanese translators in the business world and this would be the perfect job for me.”

    As the World Language Program continues to expand, digital content is used in both classroom and online settings. Students make video and audio recordings, leave messages on Google voice, participate in web conferences, practice writing on websites, and learn to use alternative character keyboards on the computer.

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  • the district service center is noisy Friday, September 20, 2013

    If you havehttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/Moving_day_small.jpg come to the District Service Center looking for our staff, you may have not found them where they used to be. Adding to the excitement is trying to ask directions over the noise of jackhammers. (See Gifted Ed moving day at left.)

    "We are getting rid of our 1980’s offices, cubes and resources,” said Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski. “The new first floor layout will include resources for a new clean work community.” (read more)

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/DSC_construction_web.jpgOn the East side, near the entrance, the first floor looks very different. All of the cubicles, offices and restrooms have been removed. Beginning this week, new walls and restrooms are in the first phases of construction. This will include a new entrance that reflects the district’s responsive relationship with our districts seeking solutions. The modern cubicle layouts will come next. As the destruction and construction crews continue, they will work their way across the first floor.

    Earlier this year, the Board Room was updated with technology, lighting, carpet and paint. The room is much brighter. The technology was completed this week with a second projector installed in the audience area. Also in that area you will find guest chairs matching our school district orange that are always a conversation point because they are an eye catcher for sure.

    If you are planning a visit to the District Service Center, you might want to call ahead to locate your staff member(s). In the meantime, for your own safety, please watch where you park, walk or sit.

    We will update more as the project proceeds.

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  • Ten Expectations for Staff Tuesday, September 17, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/expectations blue fill revsmall.jpgDistrict 287 has a reputation of excellence, and has been recognized for everything from its innovative facilities and its use of technology in instruction to its ground-breaking work with students. The District would not be the Top Workplace and service provider that it is without our amazing and hard-working staff. 

    In recent years, Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski has advocated for a "rock star" in every classroom and central office staff who are second to none. District administrators have developed "Ten Expectations for District Employees" that describe these high-performing staff in terms of their everyday interactions and responsibilities. (read more)

    The "Ten Expectations" are included in the 2013-2014 Employee Handbook and can be found on the District's website. See Expectations. The Expectations are designed to be easy to remember, as the first eight start with one of the letters in "DISTRICT," the ninth refers to 287 policies and procedures as well as state and federal laws and the tenth emphasizes the District's commitment to nondiscrimination and equal opportunity:

    District 287 Ten Expectations
    1.    D = Dedication
    2.    I = Integrity
    3.    S = Safety and Supervision
    4.    T = Teamwork
    5.    R = Respect
    6.    I = Innovation
    7.    C = Communication
    8.    T = Technology
    9.    287 = District Policies and Procedures and State & Federal Laws
    10.  Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity

    Please familiarize yourself with these expectations and apply them in your work every day. The Ten Expectations are your recipe for success in District 287!

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  • Do you know an employee that goes above and beyond? Friday, September 13, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/b2semployrecognvideo.jpg The Employee Recognition Program has begun the second year of highlighting our employees who go above and beyond his/her basic job duties to be responsive, innovative and/or solution-seeking, as it relates to the Strategic Plan.

    The major change to the program this year is that we are choosing the recipient each month by building. Last year is was by department. As always, you may nominate someone anytime; the committee will hold the nominations until the appropriate month. Nominations are due the 5th of each month. Also this year, there is a Google Doc nomination form in addition to a Word form to download and complete.

    During our Back to School events, Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski shared this video that features the Employee Recognition winners (see photo above) from the first 14 months.

  • Diploma On! seen on the streets of MPLS Friday, September 6, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/DiplomaON_Parade_photo_287Staff.jpg The Minneapolis Urban League held its 24th Annual Family Day Parade and Celebration on Saturday, August 31st.

    The theme of this year’s Family Day was “Live, Learn, Breath”. The occasion was the perfect venue to meet and engage students who are at risk, or who have already dropped out of school. Staff marched in the parade handing out program information, candy and pencils to students and families.Superintendent Lewandowski and District 287 staff were on hand all day in a booth to answer questions and to provide information about the initiative. Watch video.    Read more

    Diploma On! is an initiative of District 287 led by School Social Worker, Alexia Poppy, and is part of the Hennepin County School Superintendent and Commissioner partnership, “Increasing Graduation Rates in Hennepin County.” Intermediate District 287 and its member districts are piloting a “Drop Out” Recovery Program in six area school districts that include: Brooklyn Center, Hopkins, Osseo, Richfield, Robbinsdale and St. Louis Park.  Read more Diploma On!.

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  • Welcome Back Students Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    https://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/B2S_Students/B2SMom_Bus.jpg At sites across the district, the new school got underway early this morning as students began arriving at 7:15 A.M. Each made their way to classrooms and first day programs.

    At South Education Center, approximately 250 students, including toddlers and infants of students, came by bus, van, public transportation and parent drop-off. As each student landed on the sidewalk, they were each greeted by staff who were glad to see them back. See more photos.
    Read more

    Because mhttps://asoft11122.accrisoft.com/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/B2S_Students/B2S_Bike.jpgany of our programs host open houses and registration events prior to this first day, going to classrooms were familiar to most students. Our new students were greeted by school social workers and principals, and were welcomed to school by peers.

    Have a great school year everyone!

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  • Staff welcomed back with Pep Talk Monday, August 26, 2013

    https://asoft664.securesites.net/secure/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/B2S/B2sbus2.jpgMore than 800 District 287 staff were greeted with a welcome at the door by District 287’s Administrative team. Superintendent Sandy Lewandowski introduced Board Chair, Ann Bremer. Ann introduced Board members and took time to thank our staff for their dedication.  Read more

    Sandy’s message: A Pep Talk. Using a video from “Kid President” to engage the audience, she challenged staff to: “stop being boring, take the road to awesome, and it is our time….we’re all on the same team.” 

    https://asoft664.securesites.net/secure/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/B2S/b2sspeakers.jpgThe first of three staff members (see photo at left) who spoke was Kathy Pierce, Education Assistant at West Education Center. Giving students “Hope” is her message. Sandy reinforced Kathy’s message with: “I have this belief that we can be successful with every student.”

     Sandy recognized staff excellence by introducing all newly tenured staff, and showing a video of the 2012-13 Above and Beyond recipients.

    https://asoft664.securesites.net/secure/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/B2S/b2ssandy2.jpg The success of our staff literacy focus has made a difference. See video. Sandy noted “Our goal is to ensure that every student leaves 287 with a meaningful diploma or transition plan." Michelle Humphrey, Assistant Principal at NEC, spoke about finding success for each student. 

    Sandy reiterated our three year commitment to innovation and technology. Jason Backes, Autism Specialist at NEC, spoke about how innovation and technology intertwine for students at District 287. He challanged everyone to use new methods to engage students.

    “You have been pep talked!”

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  • District 287 officially welcomes new staff Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    https://asoft664.securesites.net/secure/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/new_staff_acad_2013_web.jpgNew folks around District 287 began the New Staff Academy this morning. More than 50 new staff and their supervisors began the day meeting our administrators and discovering programs.

    To prepare for the new school year, more than 70 new employees will be hired by our district. This includes teachers, paraprofessionals, clerical, specialists and administrators.

    Jennifer Nelson, Program Facilitator for Professional Learning, says this workshop is key to preparing new employees for their work.

    “The sessions this week will consist of essential information about District 287,” she told the group this morning. “You will be meeting in large sessions and small groups to discover the programs and services we provide our member districts.”

    In just 14 days, students arrive at our sites for the new school year!

  • District staff welcome back events announced Thursday, August 15, 2013

    The Ahttps://asoft664.securesites.net/secure/district287/clientuploads/2013_2014NEWS/pep_ticket.jpgll Staff Welcome Back events will be held on August 26 at North Education Center. This year, two events will be held, each for approximately 425 staff members. Postcards were mailed last week to employees, but here is the rundown of times and sites:
    Session 1: 9:30 AM: Buses depart Northwest Tech Center and Edgewood Ed Center
    10:00 AM: Program begins for Northwest Tech Center, Edgewood Ed Center, Northland and North Ed Center

    Session 2: 12:30 PM: Buses depart pick up at District Service Center, West Ed Center and South Ed Center
    1:00 PM: Program begins for Itinerant and other District Service Center employees, West Ed Center, South Ed Center, HTC Pathways & Gateway, Care & Treatment, Omegon and Epsilon
    Only North Education Staff will be allowed to park at NEC.

    During the remainder of the week, staff will be at sites and in program training as we prepare for students to arrive on September 3. If you have questions, please contact your supervisor.

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