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Frequently Asked Questions & Known Issues 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Talk'n Photos is a simple-to-navigate talking photo album. Completely customizable, this app allows you to add text and voice recording to album covers as well as each entry (picture) within an album. Photos or symbols may be uploaded from your camera, taken with your iPad/iTouch/iPhone or downloaded from a large number of free clip art/photo art web sites.

Each photo appears in a 2x2 inch representation with unlimited albums and pages. Editing allows you to move, rotate, scale and re-sequence photos. Users create grids of three pictures horizontally and unlimited choices vertically. For example, an album cover may consist of an empty plate and verbal cue such as “I’m hungry”. Once activated, album contents could include photos of favorite food items.
Customized recordings allow the user to record single words or entire phrases to communicate the desired message. Simple navigation once inside the album consists of an arrow leading back to the initial album covers. This feature allows for easy navigation and prevents the user from becoming lost or confused by multiple interconnecting pages. Editing may be locked in order to prevent unwanted changes to programming. Your password, should you set one, will be emailed to the address of your choice. 
Target Population
Talk'n Photos is appropriate for individuals of all ages who may display one or more of the following:

In addition to using Talk'n Photos for communication, it is an excellent support for classroom and therapeutic activities.

Why Use Talk'n Photos?

Talk'n Photos has a wide range of potential applications:

Talk'n Photos is available now on iTunes for $2.99.

Talk'n Photos Instructions

If you’re using web based clip art, it saves time to search and load clip art/photos in advance of creating and editing albums.

To Create an Album
How to add photos to individual albums
To change the sequence of the photos
 Select edit mode.
On right side select icon (looks like 3 bars), slide item up or down to new location.
Select “done.”

To Exit Editing Mode
Exit edit mode when finished programming by entering “settings/off/done.”

Talk'n Photos is available now on iTunes for $2.99.

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