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5530 Zealand Avenue North
New Hope, MN 55428
North Education Center (NEC) will be built to replace the Hosterman Education Center after a 15-month comprehensive facilities study showed it to be the most cost-effective solution to replace the aging facility. See the November, 2010 Q & A document for more background information.
NEC will be a flexible educational site that offers multiple programs for students. Wherever possible, NEC will replicate staffing and operational efficiencies seen at South Education Center in Richfield and easily adapt as programs grow and change to meet student needs.
Size 157,521 sq ft over three stories
Land 10 acres
Architect/Engineer TSP, Inc.
General Contractor J.E. Dunn Construction

March 2011
MDE approval of addendum to Review and Comment
March 2011
J.E. Dunn Construction, provider of the lowest bid proposal
April 2011
Additional Financing completed and construction begins
October 2011
Construction approximately 45% complete
The geo-thermal well field - 100% installed
Exterior brick 50% installed
Roof 75% installed
July 2012
Substantial Completion, Move in begins
Fall 2012

Budget & Economic Impact
  • Approximately 80 workers on site every day.
  • $430,000 or 30% of construction contingency remains including the demountable wall system (DIRTT); 79% remains excluding DIRTT walls.
  • Based on data from the Associated General Contractors of MN (AGC), for every $47,600 of construction costs, there is 1 new job created.With $26M in construction costs we anticipate 546 jobs created; about 1/3 in construction and 2/3 in tangential/indirect/community jobs.
Programs & Enrollment
  • Programs planned for NEC are full to capacity.
  • Across District 287, five new Care & Treatment programs opened in the Fall 2011 impacting program placement at NEC.
  • Enrollment will determine the continuation and possible expansion of leased sites (Shady Oak & Northwest Tech Center) in 2013 and beyond.

NEC Documents & Links

5530 Zealand Avenue North
New Hope, MN 55428

NEC Information

NEC Fact Sheets
NEC Fact Sheet: June 2010
NEC Fact Sheet: October 5, 2010
NEC Fact Sheet: November 2010
NEC Fact Sheet: March 2011
NEC Fact Sheet: October 2011
NEC Fact Sheet: February 2012

NEC Fact Sheet: July 2012

Groundbreaking -
October 28, 2010

NEC Demo Photos
November 27, 2010
January 28, 2011
NEC Request for Proposal Materials
NEC RFP Technology Systems
NEC Demountable Wall RFP
NEC RFP Addendum 1
NEC RFP Addendum 2
NEC RFP Addendum 3

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